Why Hilsa?

Founded in 1990, revolutionizing the construction sector, with drywall light construction materials system, Hilsa is partnering with many contractor company in the tourism center of Turkey, Antalya and specialized in hotel and tourism facilities which require sensitivity in means of time and quality. Completing many projects since the mid of 2000, it has become a reputable brand in the sector.

About us

The company opened its Istanbul branch in 2000s and expanded its service area. By doing so, it has accomplished many important projects most of which were turnkey deliveries. It has adopted the principle of creating employment and service opportunities; it has expanded the brand day by day and in addition to strengthening its staff to make this success permanent, it opened its Bagdat Branch in 2010 and it has made many important businesses including building of Iraq Prime Ministry.

Young and dynamic managers of Hilsa who are trained from the very start have continuously followed technology and showed a policy suitable to the requirements of the age;aiming to strengthen the power of Turkish Construction companies in the world market, it has enhanced its infrastructure with sound steps; continued its stabile growing; in order to create a solution for the unemployment problem, it has made 20.000.000 € hotel and residence investment with Divan brand, associate of Koc Holding; contributed to the development of country’s economy and it still continues its activities as it did in the very first days.

Our Basic Values

Knowledgeable, skillful, hardworking Honest and committed to its organization, Continuously developing, Respecting to and loving each other, Adopting team spirit, Not decreasing its quality, Always protecting the reputation of its organization, Open to learning and innovation, Sharing the decisions and targets of its organization.

Our Vision and Mission

Since the very first day of its existence, our company aims to become one ıf the construction companies which is safe, successful, qualified and preferred on national and international platforms.

We care customer satisfaction by protecting our values and integrity, without denying our quality and perfection of our performance.

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